Chasing Mass Effect

I went storm chasing, with a trained storm spotter, for the first time on Tuesday. We encountered some hail, and heavy rain. No tornadoes on this day. I enjoyed the experience. I was also slightly amused that when we would intersect the storm, it tended to just run away from us, or break apart. Those things happen. I don’t wish a horrible severe weather event on any of us, but it would be fun to go again and see a strong storm do its thing over an empty field. I’ve always been a bit of a weather nerd.

I’ve played the Mass Effect game about 13 hours now. Still on the planet EOS. It’s somewhat frustrating so far, I’ve spent a lot of time looking for glyphs that are listed as close by, but after doing a bit of internet searching, they are offsite from my current location on the map. Somewhat irritating. I figured out that for some of them, I have to jump over crates and climb the tops of monoliths. I still have another area in that quest to work on tonight. With the real life political climate, I guess that’s a first world problem.

Otherwise, things are going OK. Waiting to see if Trump goes through with his promise to de-fund public television in the near future. Looks like whichever side you work for in this business is in peril. I have experience, and I hope I can keep using it in my field.



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