Well, I didn’t want to make a huge deal of this. I was nominated for an Emmy award. I automatically assumed I was going to lose, and be disappointed even though I worked hard on the piece submitted. I went to the regional Emmy awards tonight in Oklahoma City, and tried not to get my […]

June Update

It’s been a while since I have posted it appears. Lots of stress here. The roof is finished, I’m now a bit poorer, but at least I have a new roof. Went through some hoops to get DirecTV and Hughesnet back online. In other news, I’m still playing an hour or so of Mass Effect […]

In Other News. . .

Still waiting to get the roof replaced. We are on the list, contract signed. Just waiting for the company to get to us on the list. In the meantime, we’ve had severe storm after severe storm. I hope that there is no further damage to the house while we are waiting for the roof. Since […]

Roofing Woes

Last week brought more bad luck. I now need a new roof thanks to one of the storms last week. I had a roofing company patch it up for now, but everything is on hold because I decided to make an insurance claim. In retrospect, I should’ve just sucked up all the cost on my […]


It’s been a bit frustrating this week. I’ve worked on a few projects, and pretty much flopped at everything I’m doing this week. Hopefully I can fix my flops this afternoon after lunch. I haven’t made a lot of progress in Mass Effect this week. Just a little here and there. I don’t have time […]

Chasing Mass Effect

I went storm chasing, with a trained storm spotter, for the first time on Tuesday. We encountered some hail, and heavy rain. No tornadoes on this day. I enjoyed the experience. I was also slightly amused that when we would intersect the storm, it tended to just run away from us, or break apart. Those […]

Wanted to Play Mass Effect

I was excited my pre-order of Mass Effect Andromeda arrived yesterday. I opened the envelope, then the box, and was disappointed because it was not a hard copy. It’s a digital download. That’s a hardship when I only have a 20GB cap on bandwidth, leaving me to exceed my cap and get throttled, or use […]